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Senior Fisheries Commission Coordinator, Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization

Senior Fisheries Management Coordinator Ricardo Federizon obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries in the Philippines; Masters of Marine Affairs degree at the University of Rhode Island, USA; and doctorate degree in Biology (Fisheries Biology) at Bremen University, Germany. He started to work for NAFO in 2004. His responsibilities focus on the Secretariat’s services related to the work of the Commission on fisheries matters and the Standing Committee on International Control (STACTIC). Ricardo develops the information for the annual compliance review. He conducts statistical data analysis related to the NAFO fisheries, and assists the Executive Secretary in the drafting the meeting agendas of the Commission and its subsidiary bodies. He also serves as the Rapporteur of the meetings of the Commission and its working groups. Ricardo is a fisheries scientist with a very diverse background who worked in the Philippines, the USA, Germany, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Canada. He brings to the Secretariat over 30 years of experience in global and regional fishery issues acquired during his activities as research scientist, project manager, and university professor.

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