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DR LANCE BEATH is a Senior Fellow of the Centre for Strategic Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. He is also the General Editor of a new Professional Journal for the Royal New Zealand Navy and the Research and Publications Director of the New Zealand Oceans Foundation. Lance has a background in science (PhD Otago University, Fulbright Scholarship and Post Doctoral Fellow in Thermodynamics at UCLA) and public policy. He served 20 years in the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade before moving to the Ministry of Defence where he was the Manager of Strategic and International Policy. At Victoria University of Wellington Lance designed and directed the first post graduate strategic studies programme. He has also taught post graduate papers in defence policy, civil military relations and law and national security and various short courses in strategic thinking. Lance has 5 children. His interests include reading, conversation, good wine and being with friends and family. He collects books on naval affairs including a large and growing collection of books on the life of Admiral Lord Nelson and the publications of the UK-based Naval Records Society.

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