The Foundation for East Sea Studies

Other Organizers:

The Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV)

The Vietnam Lawyers' Association

FESS is a not-for-profit organization established in 2013. FESS is dedicated in promoting research on and disseminating knowledge of the East Sea (the South China Sea - SCS) with the purpose of protecting of Viet Nam’s sovereignty oversea and islands as well as maintaining regional peace, stability, and cooperation.

1. Mission statements

- Providing assistance for Viet Nam’s researchers and intellectuals (both at home and abroad) to conduct scientific research on the SCS studies.

- Creating and maintaining a network of dedicated and talented researchers, intellectuals on the SCS studies.

- Disseminating information and raising awareness of Viet Nam’s national sovereignty over sea and islands in accordance with the Party's guidelines and the State's policies and laws.

2. Main activities of FESS

- Conducting research and supporting research activities concerning the SCS

- Fostering young talents’ interests in the maritime domain

- Organizing conferences, disseminating information and raising awareness about the sea and islands

- Organizing the periodical Awards for literature on SCS studies made by Vietnamese authors

- Publishing and providing information and research material.